December '15

2nd & 3rd December

We visited our associates in Poland to discuss the response to the Elf XS at 'Flyer-live' and the possible supply of kits.

It was agreed that an 'assembly kit', with fully painted composite parts, could be produced subject to demand.

1st December

At last, after several years waiting for SSDR, Flyer-live enabled us to prosent the Elf to the UK flying community and what a response!

Absolutely beautiful”

Superb finish”

Ticks all my boxes”

When can I fly it?”

Very comfortable”

We are now planning a series of demonstration and test flights for clubs and publications, commencing in the spring. We look forward to receiving notification of, and invitation to, suitable events.

November '15

First test flights of the 8.75mts span, high speed cruise, Elf XS have been undertaken and this aircraft will be displayed at the Flyer Live show at Telford on 28/29th November.

October '14

16th - 18th October

We visited our Polish associates at Ekolot to see some of the first flights of the Elf built to meet German Airworthiness Requirements and to determine the specification and costs of the UK SSDR Elf.

Overall feedback from the test pilot was very positive and reflected our experience with our original prototype in 2007
(see Videos).

22nd October

Testing with the Polini Thor 200 has been successful and this is now the engine of choice for all future Elf aircraft.

September '13

The CAA's announcement regarding it's intention to deregulate all single-seat microlights has fired the imagination of aviation enthusiasts, designers and manufacturers. In the gliding community where EASA's heavy-handed approach has already intruded, the freedom to fly without regulation, which the Elf presents, has already been recognised and enquiries are being received.

A second prototype has now been built, this retaining all the excellent flight characteristics of the orginal Elf, but ground handling and taxiing have been significantly improved with the introduction of a steerable nose wheel, carbon-sprung axle, and main wheel brakes. A moulded canopy option has been produced and various engines are under consideration.

A Polini Thor is shown installed in the photograph above.

Testing to meet the German Airworthiness Requirement is also in progress.

If Deregulation progresses as planned it should become reality by the end of 2013.

In the meantime should you wish to discuss the Elf in detail and express your interest in possible ownership please do not hesitate to contact us.





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