The Elf 


Over 30 years experience in flying hang gliders, ultralights and sailplanes has led us to one simple conclusion – much of the fascination and satisfaction in recreational flying is to be found in the realm of soaring flight. 

To exploit ridge lift, core thermals, fly cross-country down a cloud street and set and achieve out-and-return goals whilst all the time improving skills, knowledge and experience, is truly exciting and satisfying. Some pilots fine-tune these skills and compete both nationally and internationally. It was with this in mind that we set the design and performance criteria for the Elf. 

Our desire was to produce an aircraft which would enable, paraglider, hang glider, U/L and GA pilots to cross-over to a motorglider with which they would quickly feel confident. 

Our objectives included: 

  • Easy-to-fly vice free handling.
  • An L/D ratio and most importantly, a sink-rate, sufficient to exploit minimal lift.
  • Cockpit comfort, even for tall pilots.
  • Immediate and reliable engine re-start capability.
  • A cruise speed and range high enough to get you there and back!
  • Easy and quick to assemble (15-20mins)
  • Easy to inspect and maintain.
  • Able to operate out of, and into, small U/L airstrips.
  • Be available at a realistic price for such a relatively sophisticated, composite aircraft.
  • Have a ballistic parachute facility.

With these objectives and basic design drawings we approached several companies and entered into discussions regarding a manufacturing/marketing agreement. Very quickly, it was apparent that Ekolot in Poland had the interest, design skills and manufacturing capabilities to bring our dream to reality and, after many months of development we were pleased to announce that the Elf had ‘arrived’.

Below are the two current Ekolot products, the JK 05L 'Junior' and the KR 030 'Topaz'.

Visit the Ekolot Website for more details.




The Elf



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JK 05L Junior

KR 030 Topaz  

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