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XC-Aviation's Brian Harrison, flew his first hang glider in 1973, became a manufacturer in 1975, marketed the first commercially available powered hang glider in 1978 and moved up to composite ultralights in 1982, manufacturing the Goldwing and assisting in productionising the Shadow.

After several years in the automotive and wind turbine industries, Brian returned to ultralight aviation in 2005 with the desire to bring to the world market a practical, fun-to-fly, easy to operate, competitively priced, motor glider, which presented the U/L pilot with an un-equalled opportunity to fly cross-country, thermal and ridge soar.

With the design skills and manufacturing capabilities of Polish company, Ekolot, these objectives were achieved and the Elf prototype flew for the first time in 2006. Structural testing was undertaken to comply with the requirements of German LTF-UL  However due to the high costs of meeting UK BCAR 'S' it was not considered economical to comply with this Requirement and consequently the Elf was not available to UK pilots.

Special Announcement November 2015:

As many UK aviation enthusiasts already know the CAA has announced the de-regulation of all single seat microlight aircraft (SSDR) and consequently,the Elf, now available in a choice of wingspans, will be on display at the Flyer-Live show at Telford 28/29th November.

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Updated: 16/11/15




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